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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I wasn’t going to participate this week, with some up-coming changes coming to my blog, but I decided on a walk with Little Magoo this morning, that I was going to get my butt in gear and participate after all.

1. Wide Open

2. Clock

3. Junk

Mine is a junk drawer – why not, everyone has one.

4. Shiny

Did you know, if you rub ketchup on a penny it makes it shiny, no matter how dirty it is? That’s my super-cool fun fact my mom taught me as a kid.

5. View from Below

Here are the new items for next week:

  1. Shadow or Silhouette (also your POTW theme)
  2. Motion Blur
  3. Magazine
  4. Ten
  5. Glass

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Better late than never!

1. Black and White

2. Happy

3. Wet (hate hate hate this photo – but I’m weird and have to complete scavenger hunts)

4. Knob (my favorite this week)

5. Made of Wood

Next week’s items:

  1. Food (this is also the POTW theme)
  2. Portrait
  3. Chair
  4. Game
  5. Miniature

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It’s that time again for Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Head on over to Ahsley Sisk’s blog, Ramblings and Photos, to check out the other scavenger hunt participants.

1. National Pride  (my boy pointing at the flag)

2. Sunset – I saw so many great gorgeous red-sun sunsets this week. Did I have my camera with me? Of course not…and of course my yard has many a tree to block such sunsets, so you’ll have to settle for some reflective sun off the clouds.

3. Fire

4. Favorite – possibly my most favorite thing in the world…well…next to my camera and my computer….oh yes, and my kids and husband (oops, almost forgot about them! Haha!!)

5. Sepia or B/W with selective color – oooooh yes my friends, I went with selective color. But, but for good reason though…all of the flowers are almost dead on this bush and I think I was justified in only having the living flowers in color 😉 It was a light pink too, very light pink…

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1. Shutter Speed (my patriotic pinwheel)

2. Patriotism

3.  Creative Crop (still not quite sure what a creative crop is…is this it? If not, let me know. Like, is it cropping in the frame in the camera or post processing?)

4. Time (time flies!)

5. Flower

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I decided to replace my “door” photo – I remembered I had a different one on file…

1. Summer

2. Letter A (yeah, I grabbed it from a book – I suck)

3. Celebration (we’re getting ready to celebrate Baby’s Magoo’s Baptism)

4. Door (I replaced my lame attempt, laughable picture – be glad you missed it if you did!)

5. A Symbol of Love (an excellent one from the beach yesterday – though Mr. Magoo gets the credit for this one, although I did edit)

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1. Sky

2.Reflection (in my car window)

3.  Health

4. Sun Flare

5. Two of a Kind

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I wasn’t uber impressed with any of my photos this week – some are underexposed, but that is what learning is all about!

1. Green

2. Round

3.  Dirt

4. Dad (<3)

5. Chocolate

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