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Mother’s Day

Every year my mother asks her children to write her a poem for Mother’s Day and so far I have been good to my word. Here is this year’s:

Apology Letter

Dear Mom,

I’d like to apologize

For I can now see clearly, through your eyes.

I’m sorry for ruining your body that way

But in the womb I could not stay

I’m sorry for crying

For fibbing and whining

For tantrums, for slamming my door

For throwing my plate and food on the floor

I’m sorry for not napping

For waking in the night

For having siblings with which I would fight

I’m sorry for toys strewn on the floor, on the couch, on the table

I’m sure I picked them up as much as I was able

I’m sorry for not making my bed

For ripping your glasses off of your head

I’m sorry for lots of diapers that needed changing

And noses wiped and lots of bathing

For broken items that you held so dear

For biting you, kicking you, pulling your hair

There, does that cover it all?

No wait, I’m sorry for taking a fall

For getting sick on my bed

For all the mean things that I said

I’m sorry for coming home late and making you worry

Oh Mom, I’m so…SO, sorry.


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just when

the knowledge of kinship

passed through the verberation of time

twists of unknown

personality split

forks in the road

forced sharing and caring

makes me wonder

what’s the point

of no returns


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