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2009 was a pretty good year despite any ups and downs.

In January,

Little Magoo learned how to use a spoon.

Watched his first snowfall.

Squealed with delight!

February brought…

…discovering new things.

Learning to read.



Learning to stand all on his own.


March was a month full of

shared joys,

chubby cheeks,


turning points,

and losses.

In the month of April we

had cuddly, quiet times.

Took our first ride in a swing at the park.

Gave looks of mischief.

Sometimes had goofy moments, that often looked serious.

Celebrated Easter in style.

Had playdates in the park.

Napped with our bums in the air.

Played more with friends…

…and gave them hugs.

Lots of hugs.

May was the month Mr. Magoo and I celebrated 3 years of marriage.

We watched Little Magoo grow in amazement…

…as he learned to walk.

We discovered a world of butterflies.

Celebrated Mother’s Day.

Found out our family was expanding.


Helped with chores.

Before we knew it, it was the month of June.

We went and saw Clydesdales,

sand sculptures,

and had our first encounter with the ocean.

In July,

we were very busy, but took the time to smell the flowers.

In August, we spent time visiting lots of farms.

I took the time to take a photography class.


was a time for playing outside.

Taking walks.

Looking at the beauty of nature.

The month of October was filled with wonderful things.

Sitting in fire trucks.

Looking at leaves.


Building forts.

Carving our first pumpkin for Halloween…

…and going to parties.

November was a month filled with preparation for holidays…

…and Little Magoo making me laugh, as my belly grew bigger and bigger.

We all enjoyed the holidays and snow in December.

Little Magoo got his first, not so good, haircut…

and we shared our Christmas joy with family and friends.

It was a really good year and I cannot wait to see what 2010 brings for all of us…

…come spring,


fall and…


Life is a constant adventure, full of change.

Happy New Year.


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Snot and Silence

The other morning we started the day by bringing Toddler Magoo to the emergency room. The day before he had come down with a headcold and by mid-afternoon he had one swollen eyelid – the next morning it was two swollen eye lids, a swollen lip and hives. Off to the ER we went at 6:30 in the morning! The emergency physician said that it was just part of the virus that was causing the headcold – my poor baby! I didn’t trust the cold demeanor of the doctor towards my baby, treating him as if he was this thing – not a little person. When we arrived home I immediately called his pediatrician and made an appointment for a second opinion. Oddly enough she came to the same diagnosis, but suggested an over the counter medicine that would help my baby heal from the hives and puffiness. We just hope now, that it is not related to the milk we had tried with him the morning the puffy eye began. We shall see once snot decides to stop dripping from his nose…and a lot of snot there is….and screaming when I try to wipe it away. *sigh*

Our home is so quiet now with Kitty gone. My husband mentioned this to me last night. I just always expect to see Kitty in certain places…hear him walk across the floor or jump off the couch….or hack up a lung….it is just quiet now. His presence is gone – the small light that he graced the Earth with. *Kitty* is no longer here and I feel it in our home. It is almost like you have to re-learn to live when you lose something so dear to you – the world is never the same again.

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Sadly, Mr. Magoo went and brought Kitty to be put to sleep today. He had not eaten in 4-5 days and was very lethargic. Not the Kitty we knew at all. I bawled my eyes out when he left with him. Like I said, I am very much not a cat person – but he was such a good cat – I already miss him. But he is in Heaven now, where he is healthy and his soul can finally be free. It was such a hard decision to make. I looked in his eyes yesterday and apologized for ever being mad at him and told him to let us know when it was time. When the vet took him out of his carrier, my husband said he was completely limp – normally he would be sniffing everything under the sun – but instead he was limp – it was his time. I am thankful that he is not suffering anymore from all of his ailments – putting a pet down is never easy – you always feel guilty and always wonder if you really made the right decision as you try to convince yourself that you did. I managed to snap one last photo of him today. I will really miss him.


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One Sad, One Funny

Sad: It looks like tomorrow will be Kitty’s last day on this Earth. Since about Friday or so, Kitty has hardly eaten a thing – barely uses the litter box – and when he does, it is only to go #1, and has been in his Kitty bed all weekend and all day today. 😦 It is terribly sad, but both Mr. Magoo and I think it is time. You’ve been a good Kitty.


Funny: Toddler Magoo came down with a headcold, so I brought him in the bathroom with me, while I took a shower – so he could get some steam to clear his nasal passages a bit. When I got out of the shower he started pointing “that? that?”

“That is my leg hunny.”

“that? that?”

“I said that is my le- oh….well, let’s say that mommy’s parts are different than yours.”

Looks like that’s the last time I do THAT!

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The Results are In

We got a call from the vet, yesterday, with Kitty’s test results – all signs of his blood work point to….that he is fine. HUH? Yes, you read that right, he is fine. The cat that has been lethargic all day, walking like a drunken sailor and twitching all day is fine. He may possible have a urinary tract infection, but that is it. OK, great. So what do we do with a cat that pees in front of the litter box and poops outside of my son’s room (great thing for a kid that is getting pretty mobile), leaves poop pieces randomly on the floor (sorry to make you gag here, it’s the joy of pet ownership), throws up randomly, coughs like crazy but never hacks up a hairball, and has what appear to be seizure attacks of some sort? Thanks for the test results vet, glad we dropped $100 bucks or whatever on your lovely blood tests to tell us we have a “healthy” cat. Ugh.

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Here, Kitty – Kitty!

For as long as I have known my husband, he has had his cat, Kitty. He got the cat some time after his mother’s passing, from a friend…evidently the cat, then named “Jacco”, did not play nice with other kitties – so Mr. Magoo kindly took him in. My husband was very familiar with cats and likes them, seeing as his mother had quite a few and loved the company of a cat.

When I met Mr. Magoo, Kitty must have been about 5 years old or so…it has always been hard to tell his age. He was a very frisky cat then – always very patient and such a nice Kitty. Fast forward some years, Mr. Magoo noticed he was soaking through kitty litter like no tomorrow, so off to the vet he went…diagnosed with diabetes – very common in male cats. So, there Mr. Magoo was, faced with a decision – to which he decided to put forth the money and effort it takes to keep Kitty alive and give him insulin every day.

While we were engaged, Mr. Magoo and I bought a house together – Kitty was very excited to be in a much larger place verses an apartment, seeing as he was an indoor cat. Then once we were married, I moved in – to which it took a lot of adjustment for both Kitty and I. For him, because I took away the attention of his beloved Mr. Magoo and for me, since well, I am not a cat person at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, all animals…and I like to cuddle with cats…I just don’t care for them as pets for myself.

Needless to say, regardless of me not liking cats, or the fact that Kitty jumps on counters while we are asleep or having to smell the litter box – I’ve grown fond of him in certain ways. He would often snuggle with me while my husband was at work at night or just curl up next to me. I’d often get him to chase me, almost like a dog, while playing…sometimes I think he thought he was a dog! I even helped get him a bed of his own, a cat perch, would buy him toys – just so he would have a “place of his own” and maybe leave my things alone 😉

After being pregnant and having our son, my husband and I kind of lost focus of Kitty. I guess this is what happens when you have a baby and a pet – your pet no longer is your baby. Anyways, over the past two years it seems, Kitty has just become…old – 16 years and 2 months to be almost exact. We had endured seizures with him, insulin, vomiting and ruining things, scratching our couches up, you name it…

Recently he had begun to go to the bathroom outside of his litter box – like as in the hallway outside of our sons room. I searched online, but nothing seemed to arise. I don’t want my baby around that and well, it just is not clean…my husband and I are at our wits end with him….sick of his behavior and of cleaning up poop and vomit – Mr. Magoo was more or less ready to put him down, but I suggested to see the doctor first…so off to the vet he went today.

Our poor sweet Kitty is not only diabetic, but also is practically blind, obviously has arthritis, may have dementia (hence the going the bathroom outside of the box), has an enlarged liver, gum disease, has lost a lot of weight and had a heart rate today of over 300 bpm – totally not normal for a cat, not even a cat nervous of being at the vets. Apparently he may have hyperthyroidism…we will find out when we get the results of his blood work back. But where do you go from there? The decision is not an easy one – not for a pet you care about…even if you are not a cat person. Do you spend the money for a cat that is elderly? Do you let him live out his days? Do you say your final goodbye? It’s heart breaking, even though my husband thinks I have a strong disdain for Kitty – I don’t, he is a sweet cat. I know how hard this is for my husband.


For now, he rests peacefully at home.

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