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I’m not particularly good at photographing animals per say. I have a lot of photos of farm animals from local farms and petting zoos that we have been to as a family – nothing crazy exciting. A chicken laying on the ground, goat trying to eat my pants or a bunny sleeping lazily in the sun. This photo submission was really a no-brainer though.

This is Kitty.

Kitty was our beloved cat whom we had to put down to sleep a little over a year ago. Mr. Magoo fought long and hard to keep him alive since he was diabetic, but his body got the best of him and he stopped eating and drinking and just lay in his bed. This was the very last photo I snapped of him, before Mr. Magoo took him to be put down.

We still miss his mischief and snuggles.


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My sweet Baby Magoo. I sadly chopped his fingers off in the taking of the photo, but just had to post it anyways.

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I thought about this weeks challenge for a while and what photo I would submit. I have a TON and I mean a TON of photos of Little Magoo playing…because that is all he does all day…but somehow they just didn’t seem quite that interesting to me. I even snapped photos of him splashing away in the kiddie pool this weekend…but they were just not so special. So I decided to submit this photo:

Baby Magoo and I playing together. I love getting him to smile and laugh.

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The mother of these adorable twins wanted the photo to feel less drab and that it needed some “life” to it.

Here is my “fix” POW! 🙂 I loved the “life” in the wee ones eyes as they gazed at each other – such love for one another, look at that beautiful connection – so I made sure to crop as close as I could to that. I upped the curves a tad and lowered the reds. Next I ran Coffee Shop “Baby Powder Room” action and then PW’s “warmer” action. Next I used the magnetic lasso and lassoed the background, upping the greens and blues and lassoed again, upping the curves to brighten. Pop! I also cloned to get rid of some of the harsh shadow from the flash – and there you have it.

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I made fresh lemonade this weekend, so we had some fun with the lemons beforehand…it’s the little things that keep toddlers occupied.

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I never have any ready and willing subjects to take photos of. How sad – especially if I have a particular photo in mind. Little Magoo hates the camera at the moment and Baby Magoo wouldn’t have looked right with flowers since he’s a little boy baby. Mr. Magoo begrudgingly helped me out. Ahhh, well.

On a good note, this photo was taken on manual – something I have been struggling with – yay me!

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Fix-it Friday #54

I thought I would finally give Fix-it Friday a try over on I Heart Faces. It seemed like a fun challenge today.

Here is the original.

And here are my fixes:

Evened out skin, popped the color of the tie and eyes, got rid of the area of the face that was blown-out and on the shirt with some duplicate layers and cloning, and upped the curves to lighten. I also got rid of the piece of wood down on the right.

Same as my first edit, except I used some of PWs Actions – Old West and Lovely and Ethereal, cropped and rounded corners.

My first edit with using the Tea Room action from Coffee Shop.

That was fun!

Have a great Friday everyone!

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