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2009 was a pretty good year despite any ups and downs.

In January,

Little Magoo learned how to use a spoon.

Watched his first snowfall.

Squealed with delight!

February brought…

…discovering new things.

Learning to read.



Learning to stand all on his own.


March was a month full of

shared joys,

chubby cheeks,


turning points,

and losses.

In the month of April we

had cuddly, quiet times.

Took our first ride in a swing at the park.

Gave looks of mischief.

Sometimes had goofy moments, that often looked serious.

Celebrated Easter in style.

Had playdates in the park.

Napped with our bums in the air.

Played more with friends…

…and gave them hugs.

Lots of hugs.

May was the month Mr. Magoo and I celebrated 3 years of marriage.

We watched Little Magoo grow in amazement…

…as he learned to walk.

We discovered a world of butterflies.

Celebrated Mother’s Day.

Found out our family was expanding.


Helped with chores.

Before we knew it, it was the month of June.

We went and saw Clydesdales,

sand sculptures,

and had our first encounter with the ocean.

In July,

we were very busy, but took the time to smell the flowers.

In August, we spent time visiting lots of farms.

I took the time to take a photography class.


was a time for playing outside.

Taking walks.

Looking at the beauty of nature.

The month of October was filled with wonderful things.

Sitting in fire trucks.

Looking at leaves.


Building forts.

Carving our first pumpkin for Halloween…

…and going to parties.

November was a month filled with preparation for holidays…

…and Little Magoo making me laugh, as my belly grew bigger and bigger.

We all enjoyed the holidays and snow in December.

Little Magoo got his first, not so good, haircut…

and we shared our Christmas joy with family and friends.

It was a really good year and I cannot wait to see what 2010 brings for all of us…

…come spring,


fall and…


Life is a constant adventure, full of change.

Happy New Year.


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I am so terribly sorry for always posting these entries full of dread lately…I promised myself that I would try to keep this blog positive…after all who likes a Debbie Downer? With all of this stuff going on with my mother I had not even begun to explain how well Little Magoo has been doing!

He is such a joy – often a pain in my neck as he knows how to fully push my buttons, but none-the-less a joy 🙂 He now knows how to kick, spin in a circle, dance, shake his head “yes” and “no” and can use a fork and spoon! Such accomplishments! I really enjoys using his utensils and will actually push my had away if I try to feed him with a fork or spoon while in his high chair…such a smart cookie. It is funny, as a parent you feel as though your child will never reach certain milestones and you agonize over “when will he/she do this?” – it is so amazing though, because almost every child gets there and does what they need to do – eventually, in their own time, when they are ready.

Yesterday I hosted another playdate for Little Magoo and his friends. It is funny – he brings things out in me that I never would have done on my own, like host a playdate. I’ve never really been a “people person” per sey…and have always been real anxious about having people over or hosting events, because I wonder: “Will everyone have a good time?” “Will they think my home is a pit?” “What if my house has one of those funky smells?”

Silly things like that run through my head…but the more I have people over and the more I see the kids play together and the adults all have a good time, the more relaxed I feel about it all – it makes me feel good…and it is good to be surrounded by other moms, who I know are not judging me or my home, but are just here to have a good time and watch the kids have a good time to. I like to see others happy and relaxed in my home…and it doesn’t bother me if the kids trash the place and throw toys all over – that is half the joy of being a child! I love seeing Little Magoo socialize with the other kids – and he is just so good with the little babies, trying to kiss them and wanting to see them…and waving at them – adorable.

It really reassures me that Little Magoo is going to be such a great big brother. Speaking of which, I have not updated on Baby Magoo in a while. The little one is doing great – my anti-E levels have actually gone down, from 1:8 to 1:4 – amazing! Aaaaaand, we found out what Baby Magoo is – a little boy!!! My gut was right the whole time. We couldn’t be happier, he is such a blessing. At the ultrasound everything looked just great and I loved seeing his gorgeous little heart beat away. He has been busy kicking and punching me for a couple of weeks now – he is so much stronger than I remember Little Magoo being, but maybe I just notice it more now. I can’t wait to meet him…

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Mr. Magoo and I invited one of my Best Friends to come stay the weekend and hang out. I really enjoyed having her here as we got to hang out and talk, run errands, ruin cheese fondue, eat Chinese food and go out for a drink….and stay out WAY past my bedtime of 10pm! It is hard to believe that we have known each other for 14 years, unreal. We were talking about how strange it is, when you really know someone so well, how you do not even have to use any words and you know what is on their mind. It is a wonderful thing and amazing. I know what she is thinking and she doesn’t even have to say it and vice versa – it is so great to have a friend like that.

When we went out for a drink, it was so strange to go into a bar…my mind kept wandering back to my family between twinges of jealousy as I looked around at all the young gorgeous people there having such carefree fun. Funny how all that changes. There was a table near by where a birthday was being celebrated and I began to think about aging…I thought back to our college days and remember quite clearly how it was so hard to find who I was – then comes marriage and you try to redefine yourself again – then comes a child and you redefine yourself again…it goes on and on and on in every stage of life – a constant searching.There I stood, embarking on a new life as a family and there she was embarking on a new journey in life as well, just getting out of a bad marriage – different directions for both of us at the moment, but both with new beginnings.

I find that I am often thinking about things like this in such depth – it’s pretty deep stuff, when you sit back and ponder about it all and what it means in the big scheme of things. Then I turn my brain volume down, so I can’t hear my thoughts anymore and get this result:


I am so deep…so so deep sometimes…

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