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Pin-lights No More!

For those who do not know what pin-lights are, they are those little tiny, white dots you end up seeing in your loved one’s eyes when you use your built-in flash for your camera…it isn’t very appealing and the only way to avoid having that happen is, either don’t use your flash or buy an external flash for your camera.

I hate the pop-up flash – it causes harsh light and shadows, but it is the only option for indoor photos of my children, seeing as we do not have excellent sunlight coming through the windows, nor do I have money to shell out to buy an external flash. The other option I have is to buy a hunk of plastic called a Light Scoop, for $30. A wonderful invention for those who are stuck with the built-in flash, yet cannot afford the external flash. What a great option for me…except I don’t happen to have $30 floating around to spend on such a thing…so today, I made my own Light Scoop and I couldn’t be more thrilled at my hideous experiment!

I was fortunate enough, that my husband is a graphic designer and has this wonderful black mount board for me to use – nice and sturdy. I also was on the hunt for a little hand-held mirror, but found none – so I snagged this little mirror from my L.L. Bean travel toiletry¬† case…which, you can tell, I never use since the plastic is still on the mirror to protect it.

I made my own little template, measuring here and there around my camera and then taking those measurements to the board, hotshoe insert and all…not too shabby.

I then superglued it all together.

And used some black foam to re-enforce and fill in the gaps…hideous? Yes. Now, let’s see how useful it is?

Baby with pop-up flash.

Baby with DIY Light Scoop (he’s teething folks, can you tell?)

Little Lamb with on-board flash.

And with my hideous contraption.

Eyes with pin-lights.

And eyes without pin-lights.

I love you my hideous DIY Light Scoop!!


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Little Magoo got it in his head this morning that he wanted a fish. We’ll see, I don’t know about that – in the meantime I grabbed a ziploc container, scissors, tape, crayons, thread and paper.

Insta-aquarium. There will be no flushing these fish down the toilet! Er…well, unless Little Magoo throws it in there by mistake – but you know what I’m saying!

No aquarium is complete without fish food. I was going to use an old toilet paper roll, but we had none. So I settled for an old container of popcorn flavoring that I never used – emptied it and put a little label around it.

Blub. Blub. Elmo would be proud.

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Rustic Roses

Recently I was visiting a message board and another poster happened to post about creating a fabric rose headband as seen here in Life Through The Lens. Oh my goodness how cute!

I decided then that my craft self would give it a whirl…seeing as I had a black headband which I never wore and a bunch of fabric. With a cut of the fabric here, a twist of the fabric there and fingertips scorched on glue…


Ain’t that purty? It took me the total of approximately ten minutes. Super easy. Super cute. Oh the fun I can have making fabric roses now!

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Out With the Old

Ahhh, my old sweet pair of Nick and Nora PJs. Totally worn thin and ripped on me a while ago.

Did I throw them out? No, of course not – look at that awesome fabric. I held onto them and have a pair of jeans I have been using this fabric for patches on. Which surprisingly I have received gracious comments on about how unique the jeans now look and that they look as if they were sold that way. I love my quirky jeans now. But there is another wonderful use this fabric that I discovered today. Cut the hem of the pant leg and voila! instant camera strap cover, already sewn together. I grabbed some red jersey fabric I had in my fabric stash and made a dramatic ruffle to attach.

Not too shabby for not owning a sewing machine!

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