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What I wouldn’t give for some.

This weekend marks 6 months for my baby boy – more on that later, which is just hard to believe….but it has also been 6 full months (beyond that if you count my pregnancy) where I have had a full nights sleep. Lately I have been up three times a night to nurse my little guy and usually he goes right back to sleep after.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to walk down the hallway to him or worry about him waking Little Magoo with his crying. I will say I have absolutely finally reached the point where I am sheerly exhausted on a daily basis and have finally just had it – the sleep deprivation is getting to me, while I am glad that I have reached the 1/2 way mark in breastfeeding.

Don’t get me wrong, I love laying next to my little man at night, the quiet moments listening to him gulp and breathe and his body laying so close to mine – I wouldn’t change that for the world. I wished one of my kids would get the hang of sleeping through the night early on, seeing as Little Magoo never did. As one of my friends who nurses refered to sleep deprivation as a form of torture and it really is! I’m moody, depressed, exhausted – I go from angry one second to crying the next – and have a toddler to deal with on a daily basis, so a nap is out of the question for me and please don’t ask about my energy level…no one understands what I am going through…at least not unless you have gone through 6 months of sleeping 3-4 hours then waking for an hour at night…pure torture.

Let’s hope Baby Magoo gets the hang of it soon! I keep hoping that sleep is around the corner.


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We have a lot to celebrate in our household in the upcoming month and there is a lot of preparation involved and I am feeling a lot overwhelmed. At any rate, Baby Magoo is set to have his baptism. I am so proud of him and am really looking forward to his special day. I know it is not so special for a lot of people in our family, sadly – although I know they will come to support us. I plan on making the day super special for my little guy though, because he deserves it!

The day of Baby Magoo’s baptism, we also plan on celebrating Little Magoo’s second birthday. Granted, his birthday was already in March and Mr. Magoo and I did celebrate it alone with him, we still wanted him to have his special day too. With the chaos of adjusting to life as a family of four (Baby Magoo was only 2 months old at the time) and the fact that is was still nice and cold out – the thought of cramming 30-40 people into our small home, without the option of going outside, was just not so appealing…so we opted to hold off the celebration.

I’ve got a lot of ideas in store for this celebration, from cupcakes to decorations to favors. So far, we have sent off the invites.

We decided to go with a little safari type theme, mainly elephants – since they are good luck with their trunks turned up and hold a special meaning since my grandmother used to collect little elephants. There is a lot of good associated with them.

Hopefully I will be able to get everything done that I have in mind and be able to post the details of the day at some point.

So proud of my two littles and I love them so much.

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Fun weekends cause spontaneous silliness.

This has been a public service announcement.

You may now go about your business.

– Mrs. Magoo

P.S. No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo. Although somehow, I don’t think Baby Magoo fully approved.

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Sometimes it seems like life happens overnight. You go to bed waiting for the next day to begin and when it does, it seems like life has progressed so much in such a short amount of time.

Last Friday, the trees outside my home still had little red buds clinging to the branches. Then as if overnight, green everywhere. That lush lime green, birds singing and a new season sprung forth.

My nights are still full of sleeplessness – waking up to nurse Baby Magoo or comfort Little Magoo from the occasional bad dream. Baby Magoo is a pro now at flipping onto his belly – getting back…well not so much. But needless to say, he no longer sleeps beside me in our bed. I miss his little cuddles, me moving him from my body so he had room to breathe and him inching his way back to my breast in his swaddle to smell me and sweetly falling back asleep.

Now nursing sessions are composed of me trying to keep Baby Magoo from rolling away from me and trying to fall back asleep next to him for a nightly cat nap ans his free arm wildly hits me in the face or pinches my skin in his tiny fingers. Slowly the treasured days of having him nestled under my chin at the hospital are fading as I watch his personality slowly emerge. Still a cuddle bug. I love that. This weekend we hope to look at cribs for him and I put up the wall decals in his room. Mr. Magoo said to me the other day, “I like those decals, they look good and make me really smile.” It was nice to hear…ugh, my babies are growing, growing, growing.

Little Magoo has seemed to blossom overnight too. Using a cup without a lid at dinner time – and now sitting on the big toilet before bedtime. I can’t believe that has begun. He had been pulling at his diaper for quite a while and pointing to the toilet. He gets the concept of that is where business is to be done – but with a new baby in the mix it wasn’t going to happen so soon. Since he has been leaking through his overnight diapers, I thought we could get the concept in his head before bed. No rush though, he will do it when he is ready…seemingly overnight I am sure.

He is such a big boy now and I am so proud of him – nothing beats the random hug and kiss from a toddler, filled with such intensity…and he’s funny. Really, Little Magoo has such a great sense of humor and I love it. He makes me laugh on a daily basis…and he plays so well too – with other children, with me and Mr. Magoo – his imagination blooming more and more every day. The wonder in the world of toddlerhood.

Before I know it, the boys will be playing together in the yard, smashing cars together and having races – splashing in tub together and giggling at the dinner table – so much to look forward to…but I hope it doesn’t happen overnight. I still want to soak it in.

Life is good. Crazy, exhausting good.

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One and Two

As I nursed Baby Magoo this morning for a nap, I got to thinking about how differently I treated Baby Magoo…

With Little Magoo, I was so incredibly overwhelmed about becoming a first time parent – I was determined never to let him cry, determined to go word for word by my sleep training book – schedule, not co-sleep – you name it. And now there is Baby Magoo…and I am so much more relaxed with him. When I see he is tired, I put him to bed…I let him cry if I know he is tired and needs a nap…it’s like night and day with me and I am so much happier as a mother and quickly have learned how to “go with the flow” with our second..not an easy thing to do for someone who is generally uptight. I’m very proud of myself for that.

With Baby Magoo I was quick to learn that no book out there matters – no parenting book, sleep training book – nothing that is sold on the shelf will help you get through this as a parent. Even bringing Baby Magoo home, I had many people ask me “Is Little Magoo jealous?” Sure his jealousy shows through every now and then when he wants more time with me – but over all, he loves his little brother – this new invader of his territory. He randomly gives him hugs and kisses which Baby Magoo grins wildly at – “shares” his toys with Baby Magoo – you name it – he loves that little boy. And did I have to provoke any of it? Nope, not a single bit – granted I know the days of “He took my toy!!” are coming, but for now I’ll soak this up.

I think the best advice I got by far, was from the pediatrician at the hospital. He came to check on Baby Magoo and said: “Does he have any siblings at home?”

“Yes, a brother, who will be two soon.”

“For now, don’t worry about sibling rivalry – that will come later,” he said “Just be full of love. Show your son how to love and be loved and the love will just grow – don’t even worry about jealousy.”


Really, it was – I thought it was one of the kindest things a pediatrician had ever said to me – and it is so true – the love just grows and grows. It is amazing.

I see the curiosity in Baby Magoo’s eyes as he watches his big brother run around the room. The anticipation in Little Magoo, as he looks forward to showing his little brother things.

I am so glad they have each other. Love is a powerful thing.

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Happy Three Months

It’s funny, with your first child, the first three months seems like an eternity – with your second child it flies by and you know within the blink of an eye it will be their first birthday, so you learn to soak it all in – every ounce of it.

I’ve been reflecting a lot over the past couple of days…thinking back to Baby Magoo’s birth – what an experience. I know it is going to sound funny, but if I could do it all over again, I would. In a heartbeat. Such an amazing time…and here I was with Little Magoo being young the other year, thinking that possibly I could only handle one child – I love when I can prove myself wrong.

I already yearn for those days gone by of just me and Baby Magoo hanging out in the hospital – him all tightly bundled up and nuzzled under my chin on my chest…his little peach fuzz hair against my cheek and him sleeping and me cat-napping as nurses and staff members made their rounds every 20 minutes it seemed.

As much as I missed Little Magoo it was so nice to soak up that time with Baby Magoo – I hardly had any visitors, which was just lovely. I remember with Little Magoo I had so many visitors and I was so overwhelmed with what had just happened to me, it was almost too much for me to enjoy my new little bundle…but this time around was so different – quiet and peaceful and full of love from the get-go. And I’ve made it through these three months, with a demanding toddler and illnesses and running errands an appointments with two children…I’ve done it and am so proud of myself and so proud of my family of four.

Baby Magoo is well on his path to 6 months now, leaving his newborn infancy behind…and paving his way in the world.

Happy three months sweetie pie – I love you more than you’ll ever know…

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Melt My Little Heart

I just had to post about this – Oh my goodness do I ever have to share this.

Amidst the illnesses in my household and Little Magoo preparing for his latest olympic sport, yesterday when Baby Magoo got up from his nap I brought him downstairs and sat on the couch with him in my lap. Little Magoo was jumping around on the couch, playing on the floor and I sat there holding Baby Magoo, his little body completely relaxed in my arms…and his arms resting by his sides.

I looked down at him and he was beaming. Full ear to ear, wide open mouth, eyes twinkling with love type of smile. Ugh, just thinking about it melts my heart. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a crier at all…but looking at him, looking at me with such love in his eyes – filled mine with tears.

Who could have thought a baby’s love could be so intense…so strong…so lovely. It was a perfect moment.

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