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Life, Reconstructed

The older I get, the more I have come to term with certain things in life. Things that need to be left by the wayside.

Change in life is never easy – no, not at all – but you know when you are making a healthy choice and moving away from negative things in your life, things that add nothing of value to enhance who you are as a person. Things of juvenile decent that leave you relying on the approval or validation of other’s or friendships that were never truly friendships, but where people who were just there to make you feel like part of the greater whole…people who made you feel included and in the “know” but never actually truly enjoyed who you are or your company.

Slowly, I am enjoying these changes in my life – a revamp or reconstruction of sorts that has opened up opportunity and space in my life for important and enjoyable things and I am enjoying so many things – improving on my hobby, playdates with friends, dates with Mr. Magoo and writing…which reminds me, I was thinking about that the other day. I’ve always loved writing and here I am blogging…I never thought of myself in those terms but I am a blogger and can officially consider myself so. When did that happen?

I digress. Making the leap you have wanted to make for a while is often difficult, but often the best thing you can do for yourself.


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Wow, this was a really difficult photo to choose, because…well, summer is ALL about fun and my kids and I have just been having a lot of it so far and I have been snapping way too many photos. I think I will choose this one though – we headed to the beach early over the weekend to see a sand castle competition and just walked around a bit. The sun on the water was just amazing glistening like liquid silver, welcoming all of the beach-goers. I had to capture it and in doing so, this little girl got in my shot – she went running as fast as she could into the water, in the hot morning air…and no sooner ran in, as she ran away screaming. Such a hoot! That’s the cold New England water for you!

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Great Give Aways!

such great giveaways for anyone who is crazy about photography!

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I’m not particularly good at photographing animals per say. I have a lot of photos of farm animals from local farms and petting zoos that we have been to as a family – nothing crazy exciting. A chicken laying on the ground, goat trying to eat my pants or a bunny sleeping lazily in the sun. This photo submission was really a no-brainer though.

This is Kitty.

Kitty was our beloved cat whom we had to put down to sleep a little over a year ago. Mr. Magoo fought long and hard to keep him alive since he was diabetic, but his body got the best of him and he stopped eating and drinking and just lay in his bed. This was the very last photo I snapped of him, before Mr. Magoo took him to be put down.

We still miss his mischief and snuggles.

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We have a lot to celebrate in our household in the upcoming month and there is a lot of preparation involved and I am feeling a lot overwhelmed. At any rate, Baby Magoo is set to have his baptism. I am so proud of him and am really looking forward to his special day. I know it is not so special for a lot of people in our family, sadly – although I know they will come to support us. I plan on making the day super special for my little guy though, because he deserves it!

The day of Baby Magoo’s baptism, we also plan on celebrating Little Magoo’s second birthday. Granted, his birthday was already in March and Mr. Magoo and I did celebrate it alone with him, we still wanted him to have his special day too. With the chaos of adjusting to life as a family of four (Baby Magoo was only 2 months old at the time) and the fact that is was still nice and cold out – the thought of cramming 30-40 people into our small home, without the option of going outside, was just not so appealing…so we opted to hold off the celebration.

I’ve got a lot of ideas in store for this celebration, from cupcakes to decorations to favors. So far, we have sent off the invites.

We decided to go with a little safari type theme, mainly elephants – since they are good luck with their trunks turned up and hold a special meaning since my grandmother used to collect little elephants. There is a lot of good associated with them.

Hopefully I will be able to get everything done that I have in mind and be able to post the details of the day at some point.

So proud of my two littles and I love them so much.

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I decided to replace my “door” photo – I remembered I had a different one on file…

1. Summer

2. Letter A (yeah, I grabbed it from a book – I suck)

3. Celebration (we’re getting ready to celebrate Baby’s Magoo’s Baptism)

4. Door (I replaced my lame attempt, laughable picture – be glad you missed it if you did!)

5. A Symbol of Love (an excellent one from the beach yesterday – though Mr. Magoo gets the credit for this one, although I did edit)

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Beach Babes

Today started out early – we headed on out to a sandcastle competition at the beach, at least an hour away, so we grabbed breakfast to go. Little Magoo was very happy to have munchkins and couldn’t wait to don his sunglasses. As soon as he got up we told him we were headed to the beach – he couldn’t wait!

The sand castles were amazing as usual. The detail, unreal, on some of these. I know I couldn’t sculpt them.

We walked up and down the boulevard, seeing the sights, smelling the salt air, and people watching. Little Magoo wanted to get his hands on every puppy he saw.

Baby Magoo chillaxed in the comfort of the shade from his car carrier – he was digging it.

Finally we made our way down to the glistening silver water and sat for a bit, although it was getting hot out. Little Magoo tested the water with his toes, but wanted nothing to do with it and insisted on searching for crabs.

Such a great morning spent as a family. One of the rare occasions we had and I cherished every moment of it.

-Mrs. Magoo

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