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When I took a look at this weeks photo challenge, I thought about what came to mind when I thought of “mom” and how to illustrate that concept. Things came to mind of nourishment full of full bellies of food and hugs and kisses – my grandmother’s cooking and her devotion to the Blessed Mother…the Blessed Mother, as a mother…lilacs that grew in my grandmother’s yard that I would pick, that now grow in my yard. I thought of teddy bears and blankets woven, noses wiped and diapers changed. Faith, the faith and devotion of a mother. Make-up and nail polish, love…sleep deprived nights…birth…sweetness…embroidery…tea…dusting and cleaning…so many things. I tried to set up a shot on the floor where it would look like I was juggling all of these items…but it did not look right.

I thought of submitting a photo of my first Mother’s Day from last year, of a lovely black and white silhouette of me kissing my first born…but I came back to this photo, as much as I was not pleased by not getting a “good Mother’s Day photo” this year:

To me, it REALLY personifies a true celebration of “mom” and well, I got quite a chuckle out of the rawness of the photo.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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