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…I think it is week 3, this is the first week I have participated…and I know it is actually Monday, but I didn’t get around to uploading the photos until today…so here we have it – nothing spectacular, but I am glad to have this challenge to get me taking more photos:

1. A stack of books

2. A street sign

3. Water (on a peony – I love the focus on the tiniest part of the petal, though it would have been better on a water drop)

4. An accessory (a necklace with a heart and my littles initials)

5. A mailbox


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Fun weekends cause spontaneous silliness.

This has been a public service announcement.

You may now go about your business.

– Mrs. Magoo

P.S. No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo. Although somehow, I don’t think Baby Magoo fully approved.

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Go With It

“Just go with it.”

Despite my mini-meltdown yesterday I had to remind myself this. I often forget to tell myself this very phrase. Little Magoo was a complete nightmare yesterday, why I don’t know. Perhaps his capability of more words and communication have given him more a sense of independence, but two-year-olds are quite something else. Life is a challenge, but life with a toddler is even more so it seems. Everyone keeps telling me “Wait until he is three!” But I thought about it…sure it will be more difficult…but is it really the child that becomes more difficult or is it that the fact that the child is constantly changing that is difficult? I believe it is the change – as adults we don’t like change, we like constant, but with a growing child that child is in a constant state of change and so you just have to “go with it” adapting your parenting as they grow.

It is funny how humans don’t like change at all, but that is what life is – constant change – constant flux – nothing is ever the same day in and day out as much as we would like it to be.

Photography is the same way. You never know what the light will be like, the weather, the set up. As much as you have something in your head the way you want it all to be it comes down to being able to work with what you have and what is given to you at hand.

I’m not a flexible person by nature at all, never have been like some people are – but I will say I thank my children for teaching me that lesson and photography as well – both are constant reminders for me to just go with what life hands me.

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Ice Cream

Ugh. I’m having one of those days today. THOSE days. Maybe even one of those weeks. I can’t really tell, it is all one big blur. Weeks, days, whatever – they all blend together at this rate.

As of lately, I feel like I need to refuel…I’m starting to run on empty. I had this wickedly awesome idea for a Father’s Day – but I cannot for the life of me seem to execute it properly. Mainly in part to the space I am using and the lack of hands to help me juggle two kids…I’m not giving up just yet with it though, I just may have to enlist my sister-in-law and her yard. I still have time…I think. Anyways, it seems to be the icing on the cake, doubled with never having family time and feeling that I am struggling with my photography, something that gives me an outlet from staying at home with the kiddos.

I just seriously need a vacation. It has over three years now, with no break…over a year since I have been on a date with Mr. Magoo – and he desperately needs a vacation, probably more than I do. Although I don’t know what is worse…getting up every morning to drive in peace to work and having to do homework around the clock or listening to screaming, crying, tantrums, discipline, changing diapers and getting up in the middle of the night to nurse.

Thank God for ice cream.

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The mother of these adorable twins wanted the photo to feel less drab and that it needed some “life” to it.

Here is my “fix” POW! 🙂 I loved the “life” in the wee ones eyes as they gazed at each other – such love for one another, look at that beautiful connection – so I made sure to crop as close as I could to that. I upped the curves a tad and lowered the reds. Next I ran Coffee Shop “Baby Powder Room” action and then PW’s “warmer” action. Next I used the magnetic lasso and lassoed the background, upping the greens and blues and lassoed again, upping the curves to brighten. Pop! I also cloned to get rid of some of the harsh shadow from the flash – and there you have it.

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The past few days here in New England have been sweltering – summer sweltering heat in the 90’s, in MAY. Unreal. Tuesday we dragged out the kiddie pool, ran to the dollar store and bought some little pool toys and a foam noodle, so that I could make a toddler friendly sprinkler (super easy by the way, I used half a noodle)…and sat and splashed in the water from the sides of the pool on the deck. I sat in my chair with my feet in the water, soaking Little Magoo with a water squirter, he in turn enjoyed pouring water on my legs…we drank from the sold hose water, laughed, ate goldfish crackers and dodged hornets. It was a good day.

Yesterday however, the house became extremely hot – there was no keeping it cool any longer and we are certainly not ready for summer here in the slightest. Baby Magoo’s room was reading at 91 degrees at the end of the day. Poor Baby. The day started with me filling the pool again, but sadly Little Magoo decided to toss a toy at me so he lost the one thing he was looking forward too. Even I was bummed. But we stayed in, out of the even hotter outside and had ice cream and blew bubbles and had Grandma and Grandpa stop for a visit – it was a nice day. Although I had all intentions of taking some photos of Little Magoo splashing around yesterday, it didn’t happen.

Then everything cooled down with a couple of thunderstorms last night – this morning the windows are open wide as I have my hot cup of coffee and the cool air seeps in. Glorious perfection of a morning after dragging through some pretty unbearable heat last night.

Speaking of photos, I haven’t been feeling too up to par on my photography. I hate photography funks – does anyone else get those? Anyways, good thing is, Little Magoo and I are working on something top secret for Daddy, so maybe that will help out a bit.

Signing off! Over and out!

– Mrs. Magoo

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I made fresh lemonade this weekend, so we had some fun with the lemons beforehand…it’s the little things that keep toddlers occupied.

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