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Yes, you read that right – yesterday was Little Magoo’s big egg dying eggstraviganza! I should have known it was starting off badly, when I opened the box od PAAS, because come on, Easter just isn’t the same with those little tables that sizzle in the vinegar. I opened the box only to find three PAAS dye tables in there. Um, yeah, I should have known when the box only cost $0.99!

None-the-less, it was a blessing in disguise as I quickly whipped out my food coloring to make more egg dye. It was surprisingly simple and I have to say that the colors were much more rich and even than the PAAS tablets. I hate to say it but I may never go back to PAAS again! The horror!

Little Magoo was very eager to get his hands on those eggs.

He plopped them in the blue dye. As you can see it all over him. I cringed as I hear the egg crack as he dropped it in…and then proceeded to try to fit two more eggs in the mug. I knew the experience was going from bad to worse.

Onto the floor went most of the eggs. Oh, Mrs. Magoo, you should have known better.

We pushed on though…

We even made a special “Happy Birthday” egg for Mr. Magoo, since yesterday was his birthday. Little Magoo picked out purple dye for the color and I held the egg as he tried to put stickers on it.

Again, he got a hold of the egg and disaster ensued. Sorry, Daddy.

That is when I decided to call it a day. Little Magoo was not happy about this idea, he had more eggs to destroy.

Easter Egg Fail.

And just an FYI, Magic Erasers work wonders on getting egg dye off of skin.

P.S. I’d love to say I am going to get Easter photos done of the boys, I have ideas in mind, but with no help for toddler wrangling from Mr. Magoo and the gloomy dismal days, I don’t see it happening.


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Sunday I finally managed to make it to Mass. It was Palm Sunday…a very important day. I brought Baby ‘Goo along with me and left The Littles with Mr. Magoo. Baby ‘Goo was so good, hardly a peep, but boy, is he like his big brother! He wanted to see EVERYTHING that was going on and it took all the rocking and patting in me to get him to sleep, he fought it big time! But at least he didn’t start crying and peacefully fell asleep in my arms for the whole of 10 minutes before Mass ended.

The priest talked all about sacrifice. Sacrificing our pride, our time, our thoughts – all sorts of sacrifices we make in life. I looked at my baby sweetly sleeping in my arms and thought of how much I sacrifice of myself for my little ones…how much Mr. Magoo sacrifices of himself to keep this family going. We both sacrifice so much. Me, my clothing and shoes which are worn thin and my long distant obsession with purse buying. Him, his time with his wife and his children and his dreams of traveling. Sacrifice.

I look out the window in my living room and see it – the plants and trees that sacrifice themselves to the cold every winter…they don’t fight it, they just give in to what has to be. Yet with each yearly sacrifice comes something beautiful. I look now and see buds starting to slowly swell on the trees and tiny leaves protruding from the bushes. New Life.

You can feel it.

You can feel the anticipation – the quiet hum of Joy getting ready to burst forth.

Birds eagerly chirp and tweet, flitting here and there excitedly. Cold dismal rain pats the ground…but get ready to rejoice, beautiful things are in store…

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Two – Take Two

Today my oldest, although still my baby, turned two.

As I look at the clock reading 7:05pm, I can recall being in the throes of pushing that little babe into the world…

Amazing how time changes things.

On another note, my youngest is two months now.

I had the chance to take some photos of Baby Magoo – it was an impromptu thing on my part, but I am thrilled with the way that they came out. Seriously. These are only minor edits. Seriously.

Happy Two, to my Two.

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Fix-It Friday

Over on I Heart Faces they have fix-it Fridays, where you can challenge yourself to change-up a photo that they post…I decided to give it a go on my own.

Here is my origional.

And here is the edit. I know a lot of people don’t like saturated colors, but I do.

Remember this horrid photo?

Mmm, not a great edit at all, but at least the background looks better!

It was fun toying around with things in Photoshop…

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That’s How I Roll

There’s been a lot of “talking” on some blogs I read, lately about friendships, perceptions, who people are as individuals…and it lead to me ask myself this question this morning.

What kind of friend am I?

Really. Am I a good friend or a crappy friend? I guess it all weighs in on how well you know me, right? So what am I like? I’m sure inquiring minds want to know…

I’m quiet. I’m shy – which usually people perceive as being icy or cold. I always have a scowl on my face, right between my eyebrows – but ironically it has nothing to do with me being mad – usually I’m concentrating or thinking or trying to understand something when it appears. Unfortunately this is actually a trait that was handed down by my father’s family – even he has those furrow lines.

I’m a thinker and observer and questioner. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin and know who I am. I don’t care that I don’t have perfect teeth or moles on my face – if you know me you don’t see that and I don’t see your flaws either, I accept them.

I’d like to think I’m a good friend, although I tend to be more of a loner and recluse because half the time I don’t think people enjoy my company and I’d much rather just deal with myself than a whole other issue of the relationship that comes with friendship. I do know that if you are a good friend of mine, no matter how the cards have fell with a friendship, I’m there for my friends should they need me…but I tend to let my friends seek me out since I do not want to intrude on their lives – I’m weird like that.

I always need help but never ask for it – and when it is offered to me, I never take anyone up on their offers. Weird, I know.

I’m messy – and I’m the type of friend that you don’t have to pick up for – I don’t care if your house is messy, I don’t need to see the “fake house”, because I’m not going to judge you on that.

I like to be goofy and silly and don’t care how stupid I look or how people judge me, because I like to laugh.

I’m a loyal friend – I trust in someone until they have totally proven me wrong and believe that you really are not a true friend until you know me inside and out and vice versa. It’s not just about being there during the fun times.

I think that is about it – although I am sure Mr. Magoo would have a lot more to say on what type of friend I am.

Sometimes it’s interesting to take a look in the mirror and reflect on oneself and your place and role in relationships.

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Looking For Spring

I think that should be the title of this photo. But he was actually just watching a neighbor drive a three-wheeler up and down the street – dreaming little boy things of cars and trucks and motorcycles…

BTW – I shot this photo on my manual setting – no flash too! Go me!

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