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Forget it.

It’s funny how you forget things and how quickly time passes. Like the whole newborn phase…ugh, how I loathed it with Little Magoo…this time isn’t so bad, as I know what to expect…just meet the baby’s needs and wants and he’ll be fine. Baby Magoo wants to do nothing but sleep next to me at night and it is a futile battle…if I fight it, I am up until all hours of the night and sadly, my sleep is precious to me as I have to chase a toddler around all day.

One thing I forgot is how noisy newborns are! Grunt grunt grunt, I listened to all last night. Is it gas? I thought…I burped and patted his back to no avail, but he wouldn’t let up with the grunting…then he 1/2 busted out of his swaddle. Oh, I am certainly going to have my hands full as this one gets older…he likes to fight sleep sometimes too, which Little Magoo did as well….oh boy…

But despite the sleepless nights, I love seeing Baby Magoo grow so much already…his umbilical cord fell off yesterday and I watch him and his practice smiles as he sleeps…how quickly this part of his life will go by and I find myself trying to hold onto every moment with my boys…savoring even the not so desirable tantrums…because it will all be gone with the blink of an eye.


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Happy Birth Day!

A bit late on this post, but to be expected 🙂 Today I was scheduled to be induced due to my Anti-E issue with my blood. I was really feeling down about the induction and prayed and prayed that Baby Magoo would come on his own. I tried everything from walking to sex to spicy food to get the little man to come out on his own…but nothing. It made me upset that although for medical reasons, I would be induced because I wanted my body to do things naturally and wanted Baby Magoo to be ready on his own accord. I had more or less given up hope and resigned myself to the fact that the induction would be here soon…I had been contracting for weeks with nothing timeable and no other signs of impending labor.

Boy, did I not know what was in store. Sunday, January 17th, a snow storm started in on New England…a good 9 inches was expected…it started out as rain…Mr. Magoo and I did our typical Sunday night “thing” of hanging out and watching TV…we went to bed around 10pm or so. I, for some reason, made a point of downsizing my toiletries in my hospital bag – Mr. Magoo said he didn’t like that and felt something was going to happen – I thought nothing of it. I was laying in bed sleeping and around 11:30pm I was awoken by Baby Magoo moving around – then – GUSH! I was soaked. I couldn’t believe my water broke!

Stunned, I sat up in bed thinking of what to do next…oh yes, wake the husband. I shook Mr. Magoo and quietly whispered “It’s time.” He quickly sat up. I sat there thinking, still stunned “What do I do next…?”

“I need to get out of bed!” I exclaimed, as amniotic fluid continued to pour out of me – I raced out of the bedroom, quietly yelling (as to not wake Little Magoo) “Get me new underwear and pajama pants!!” Down the stairs I flew as I felt it pouring down my leg to the floor, leaving little puddles as I hurried to the toilet.

Mr. Magoo then called his sister, who lives across town, to come watch Little Magoo. “Tell her to take her time!” I hollered to him, seeing as I was not feeling contractions yet and my first labor and delivery took 17 hours. Three pairs of underwear and PJ bottoms later, boy oh boy was I feeling those contractions…the shower I wanted to take was out of the question. I waited for the call back from my OB, but heard nothing…when my sister-in-law arrived 30 minutes later, I knew we had to leave. It was blizzard conditions outside and NOTHING was plowed.

“Just go slow…take your time getting there…if anything happens, we’ll pull over and call 911.” I said to Mr. Magoo as we drove. The drive was horrible and I had visions of giving birth on the side of the road as each contraction seemed closer together. “Stay in there until we get to the hospital!” I said after one contraction – the pressure was so intense, I knew he was close. I think I prayed the whole way there.

Finally we arrived at the hospital…but where was the emergency room entrance??? Oh crap.

We had only been to this hospital about 2-3 times and never thought to look where this entrance was…we drove all around the front – “We NEED to find the emergency room!” I yelled “Hurry, please!” I was totally panicking.

Finally we found it – and no, the signs were not clearly marked. In we went and we walked up to labor and delivery at about 1:00am.

They hooked me up to the monitors and as I was signing paperwork, barely, through each contraction. “Do you want to get up and labor in the tub or walk around?” asked the nurse. “No, I think I will stay right here!”, I gasped as I felt another contraction come on. I need the epidural, I thought, if these contractions are going to get worse. I asked for it – first I was 4cm, when we arrived…now I was quickly 6-7cm.

The doctor came in – “I don’t think we are going to have time to get that epidural in, with how quickly you are progressing…we can give you some medication through the IV though…”

“OK….”, I grunted through another contraction – the pressure was unbearable – the doctor wheeled in her supplies, fully dressed to get this kid out. An IV line of saline was started…the medication never made it to the IV…”This is as bad as the contractions will get…” whispered my labor and deliver nurse. “Really?!”, I thought, “This isn’t so bad…not compared to my first labor and delivery on pitocin…OK then, I CAN do this!”

“If you feel the urge to push, go ahead…”, she whispered again.

I immediately started to push, with her giving me the green light – there was no stopping this baby. After the first pushes, the contractions vanished. I put my head back on the bed and closed my eyes. “I feel like I could fall asleep…”, I said out loud. “Go with that…rest, take a nap”, said my OB, “Your body is letting you rejuvenate.” I rested a bit and felt really ready now – let’s go! 9.5cm….10cm…3 contractions…20 minutes later…Baby Magoo was born. 2:49am, January 18th, 2010 – 8lbs, 1 oz, 21 inches long.

This was by far the easiest labor and deliver I have had – bigger baby though, go figure! I only needed one stitch and recovery as been easy so far…do I dare say not one hemorrhoid either!

Wow, what a birth day to remember! I am so incredibly overwhelmed with happiness and joy.

God has really blessed me in so many ways.

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January 13, 2001

Yes, you read that right, 2001. That was the night Mr. Magoo and I met on a Saturday night at a local bar/restaurant called Margaritas…nine years ago today – we’ve been together ever since! It is hard to believe…

I was hanging out there with some friends, who had decided to talk with some pretty skeevie guys. Me, I was there to hang out with friends and just enjoy a night out with “the girls”. I had just gotten out of a relationship that was not working out and going nowhere that November and was seriously not looking to date anyone at the time. I decided to stand at the bar while my friends talked to these weirdos…there was a chair in the way and I asked this guy if I could move his friend’s chair (it was empty with a coat on it) so I could get closer to the bar. The guy said, “No, my friend will be pissed.”

Before I knew it I was sitting in that chair talking with this guy who was having a cup of coffee…we talked about everything from just not understanding why men/women had to pick each other up at bars to the fact that we both liked to write poetry. Next thing we knew, my friends had left, his friend had left and the bar was closing. Neither of us had intended to sit there and talk that long, but we did…and well, he had a nice smile and dimples to boot – that’s probably what got me…still I thought nothing of it.

…and well, here we are today 9 years later…married, a house, one beautiful child and another on the way.

I couldn’t be happier – he knows me better than anyone else in this world and I am so happy that God brought us together in life.

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Be Mine?

This morning Mr. Magoo helped me out with the Valentine’s Day photos I wanted to take.

Gosh, he melts my heart.

I bought a used cloth diaper at a local consignment shop, just so we didn’t have to see any characters or anything from the disposable ones. I did make lovely feathered cupid wings, but he was not having that at all and I didn’t see the reason to force the issue.

I have to say, our bedroom has pretty good light…

I have to thank Danielle Thompson, from A Thompson Family Life for inspiration…and well, maybe some “copying”….I’m insanely jealous of her talent anyways.

This one is my absolute favorite – fly away cowlick and all…perfection.

No Valentine’s Day is complete without conversation hearts, right?


How cute. Gotta love this holiday.

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Eviction Notice

Baby Magoo was handed his eviction notice yesterday – January 22nd this the big day for the induction. I really am hoping that I do not have to be induced, I don’t think it is fair to my body or to Baby Magoo and would much rather have things occur on their own accord or naturally.

However, a couple of positive things about the induction would be that I would get my doctor to deliver, who has handled my care through out this whole pregnancy and Little Magoo’s care would be scheduled and I would know he would be taken care of. I’m trying to see the good in it, even though I hope we don’t have to go there.

On a daily basis I look for signs of this pregnancy coming to an end and I’m making myself crazy over it…sleep is a thing of the past it seems and yesterday Little Magoo was kind enough to cuddle with me on the couch for his afternoon snack and TV time…all while I fell asleep and snored into his ear for an hour. God I love that kid. Obviously he loves me too, to put up with that.

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It has seemed FOREVER since I have taken photos…I don’t know why…maybe my lack of energy, lack of motivation…lack of a toddler who will sit still and lack of wanting to drag my butt outside. Yesterday I got the photo bug back a bit – after all there is another holiday on the way!

I skipped past the New Year’s photographs…I should have done them the first year of Little Magoo’s life – I was thinking, Top Hat, diaper…you know, baby new year…but of course Mr. Magoo crinkled his nose at that back in 2009. I’m kicking myself now. Oh well.

At any rate, I now have Valentine’s Day to look forward too and have been working on some things – what they are, you will have to wait to see. I love Valentine’s Day, always have. Despite never getting flowers at work or having a secret admirer…it has always just been a nice little holiday to remind you to tell people you love them. Valentine’s Day was also the day Mr. Magoo and I got engaged, back in 2004 – so it is a special day.

Mr. Magoo was saying to me the other day that it really shows how much I care about Little Magoo, always wanting to take his picture and capture that moment of his life in time – it’s true, he’s the light of my life. I can’t think of a better subject to photograph, I love him so much – so why not celebrate love by taking some V-Day photos…this should be interesting….

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Well, I managed to get a great Christmas gift, by Baby Magoo being allowed to stay cooking – SO happy about that. So far in the year 2010, I have managed to stay pregnant longer than I did with Little Magoo. I am now into my 37th week and considered full term. At the beginning of my third trimester, I have to admit the thought of giving birth really freaked me out again. The pain, the unknown, the horrific feeling of being in a car crash so to speak…but now, I feel ready, like really ready – bring it on.

I have felt Baby Magoo “pushing” funny on me here and there and often described it to the nurse at my OB’s office as just that…well, what do you know…wasn’t Baby Magoo at all, it was indeed, contractions…now I know when I do feel that sensation, what it actually is. I was hooked up for a Non-Stress Test (NST) this past Wednesday and most of the contractions I could not even feel. They were only lasting about 20 seconds each – nothing earth shattering…but I did feel some of them and for the past 5 days have felt them – especially at night. You get your hopes up as a pregnant woman thinking – is this it? Could this be the start of something? Another NST on Saturday also revealed I was still contracting, which I had suspected…still, nothing.

Finally, today, thank God, they have seemed to stop. Wish my body would make up its mind! But really, I am so done physically. I ache, my belly is so stretched out that blood vessels around my belly button have burst and look pretty nasty, my groin muscles feel like they will give way any second, I have about 5 chins now, playing and lifting Little Magoo is a nightmare – let alone when he has a tantrum in my arms. Sleep is non-existant at night, so I am ready for the deprivation again, thank God for coffee. I’ve been suffering a headcold, which is not helping my misery…and well, Mr. Magoo will be around more at the beginning of the month vs. the end of the month. I’m also sick of the NSTs and doctor’s appointments up the wazoo. Let’s meet this kid.

Baby Magoo? Are you listening? Hello? You can come out to play! I know you are comfy cozy, but mommy is not – we are ready to meet you, so come on out!

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