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Yesterday we put up our tree and decorations.

Little Magoo was thrilled…and still is. He’s loving all the Christmas decor and almost seems overwhelmed by it. Hopefully he will get used to it. Me, I am totally exhausted from decorating everything…and to think, I didn’t even put everything up like I usually do! I just love seeing the wonder and delight in Little Magoo’s eyes – the same feeling I get about Christmas and I am so happy to be sharing it with him.

Mr. Magoo, on the other hand, is a bit of a Scrooge. He’s never really liked Christmas…and why, you ask? Because he has always felt like he has gotten the “shaft” gift wise from family (think a deck of cards, jar of vaseline and dice). I think it is terribly sad he has to look at it like that…I know he was and has always been thoughtful with his gifts to them, but I feel badly that, that is what he thinks Christmas is all about.

I’ve tried to explain to Mr. Magoo what the real spirit of Christmas is all about – he knows I have it…it is about giving and wonder and most of all Love. He always says to me “but I am not religious”. The thing is, you don’t have to be! Yes, I believe in Jesus and that Christmas is a day of celebrating God’s gift of Jesus to us…but Jesus was brought to us by Love – he was the ultimate gift of Love…as is a secular celebration of Christmas. It is about the ultimate gift of Love, of being together and celebrating that Love, not about some wrapped present under the tree. Yeah sure, for kids maybe that is what it is about…but when you look at your own spouse or parents or child…what better gift could you ask for? You couldn’t. It is the perfect gift, given every single day of your life and Christmas is a special day to celebrate that.

I am hopefully, that with time and seeing his own children awe in the splendor of the season, that he too, with catch the Christmas spirit – it is a beautiful thing!


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Do you ever wonder that? Is it someone you talk to all the time or every now and then? Is it someone you get together with? What makes the difference between knowing someone, hanging out with them every so often and a friend?

Makes you wonder…

Sometimes I think the lines are blurred as to what a true friend is. Can you like someone’s company, who is not a friend? Sure. But a true, honest to God friend, really “gets” you – you just click, you can’t explain it, but you both know you click…and often you don’t have to talk or see each other that often. The person is in your mind and you theirs, even without words…and perhaps you only get the chance to email every now and then and say: “How are you? I was thinking about you.” and they know you really mean it.

Friendship is an odd thing that way…without words, you know each other, miss each other, connect with each other, sometimes even know what the other person is thinking, just with a simple glance.

I guess there is no real way of explaining it – but when you have a true, honest to God friend, you just know and could just care less to be bothered with other external affairs of worrying if other people even like you.

It is a good feeling.

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A New Twist

What does every kid or parent think of when Thanksgiving rolls around? Good ‘ol Turkey Handprint Turkeys, right? Of course. While wanting to do the typical handprint turkey today with Little Magoo, I wondered if I should paint his whole hand brown or different colors…so I turned to Google: “Handprint Turkeys” and quickly went to the images to see.

But what should I find there??

This little cutie! Thanks to Bella Dia – oh, my this was different! I like different and quickly got to work.

All I happened to have on hand was some craft felt, but it would work…I traced my hand in attempt to show Little Magoo. Well, it was not pretty, while I traced his hand…he wanted nothing to do with it.

Although he liked playing with the felt.

I cut the handprint out and cut out a copy as well and hand stitched them together.

I then turned the handprint inside-out and cut out feathers, wings, a beak and a waddle and sewed those on as well.

I then stuffed the turkey (hardy har har) and sewed on a little bottom, marking it with Little Magoo’s name, age and date. I thought it was the cutest little reminder of how tiny his hands are now – and I would love to do this every year!

In stumbling upon Bella Dia, I was also sent on a little link dicovery of Chasing Cheerios, which has a lot of fun educational crafts and games for kids and Wee Wonderfuls, which has a lot of cute things relating to stitchery, which I just love – some great finds today!!

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I fully intended to get certain Christmas photos of Little Magoo….like one with his pop-up “Night Before Christmas” book and one with paper snowflakes and a perfect one of Christmas lights glowing around him. But nope, it never happened that way…some great ideas, but they are just not him.

He likes “stuff” to move around and investigate and put here and there. So today, I used my red Christmas bulbs.

He had a blast with those and even sat down to look at them for a while.

Next came the fake candy canes that I found at the dollar store – I dumped them out onto the backdrop. He loved that too and even picked them up for me after we were done!

Fake cookies and a Santa plate worked great too. I asked Little Magoo to pretend to eat one – and he did!! He also enjoyed feeding them to his Cookie Monster stuffed animal and tried to carry them all neatly on the plate to his play table, where he proceeded to sit down and pretend to eat them again.

Finally, I broke out a stocking and told him to see what was in there. Of course, he loves investigating and amused me by doing so.

So, even where I had a ton of great ideas in mind with him, I just went with it and what he was interested in…maybe next year I can use some of my other ideas…although we do need to try that mistletoe one again 😉

I can’t wait to get the tree up and take some pictures of him with that, just for fun. That’s the one thing about photographing a toddler, you just always have to make it fun.

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Over the past couple of days I have been working feverishly to try and get Christmas photos done, so we can get our Christmas cards done…hopefully before Thanksgiving. So far I have been unable to get Little Magoo to cooperate – but surprisingly managed to get at least 3 good photos…or at least I think they are good. None of which are even the poses I had in mind…

First we tried the “Mistletoe Kiss” the other day…um yeah, he just would not cooperate…poor kid. But ironically I kind of like this photo in a strange sort of way – it’s “real” and raw…and well, quite frankly, what kid likes to be forced to kiss under the mistletoe. Ahhh…it makes me laugh. This is the photo a-la 70’s style.

Today I had in mind some cute portraits on a nice white backdrop…until Little Magoo decided to start dragging every toy possible in his playroom, onto the backdrop. I thought I could make it work – after all, Christmas is about toys for kids, right? I think he had too much fun with the toys, because by the time he was done, there was no room for him in the photo.

I thought this was the best of them all. Look at those mischievous eyes.

Oh to be a toddler.

Hopefully I can try to get some more photos tomorrow.

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Warning: Bump Ahead

Thank goodness!! I finally managed to take some of my own Maternity Portraits. After fighting with the camera all day the other day, I finally was able to get it to work the way I wanted setting the self timer. It was not an easy feat.

Of course, I do not have professional lighting or anything.

But I think that if I did, these would have come out phenomenal.

One of these days I hope to invest in a nice soft box, more lenses and all that lovely equipment…

…even if I still only shoot in Full Auto Mode. Not that I am ever looking to go professional with photography…but I’d love to have the equipment to create my own images and expand on my hobby.

Now onto Christmas photos!

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Portraits of Time

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking some family portraits for one of my close friends. Now, I won’t say I’m the best picture-taker, because I am not…I’m learning every day with limited equipment…but I thought I got some really good shots – really no different than any other photographer. But I will say, I do not do so good with giving direction to the subjects – something I need to work on, I suppose.

I get nervous when taking photos for someone else. I worry they won’t like them, or I won’t get good enough shots, or they just won’t like the style I took. I find it much easier to take photos of my own son, put him in awkward spots no one would think of and take some great photos. But when it comes to others, I am hesitant to say “Quick, lay down on the ground.” or “Get over there by that dirty shed.” Because, let’s face it, some people are hesitant and don’t see the point and it is hard to read your “clients” – some often like to play it safe.

I think the hardest part about always being behind the camera, is never being able to be in front of the camera. This morning I hung my black fabric, set up the camera and hoped to set the self-timer to capture some maternity photos. Nope, just would not happen, the camera hated me and just would not cooperate. Last night Mr. Magoo tried to shot a pose I wanted too. Nope, would not happen…he just doesn’t have the eye like I do (sorry, Hun). Plus Little Magoo would not cooperate – big. fat. FAIL.

It is rather frustrating to be able to want to take your own photo, just the way you want to, but never being able to actually do it. I’m kind of disappointed as *I* want to be the one to take the portrait, in a sense. Unfortunately, I was never able to get any maternity portraits with Little Magoo, because he came 3 weeks early…sadly I wonder if I will miss out again.

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