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I just got done crying while sitting in the middle of my living room floor, trying to pick up Little Magoo’s toys…and it is only about 5:30pm. Why you ask?

I got in late last night after going out…around 10pm…not too late – but then of course the hubby and I chatted for a bit and we didn’t get to sleep until 10:30pm. I was fine with it though, I knew I wouldn’t be up until 6am. Wrong.

Last night was hot. It is Autumn here in New England, but I sweated my ass of last night, because it had to have been at least 80 something in our room. I contemplated getting up and turning on the a/c in our bedroom…but that required getting up and I knew I would have to get up to pee at some point. Assumption correct. Not only did I get up once to pee, but twice. The second time around 3-3:30am. Baby Magoo was having a field day pushing on my bladder. I did a lot of tossing and turning.

Then around 4:30-5am I hear a clang, clang, clang, rattle, clang coming down the side street next to our house. I sounded like some poor soul had the back end of their car falling off. It died down and I started to drift back to sleep. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Holy Crap!! Someone is trying to break down our front door!!!! Steal our cars! Steal our grill off our deck! Kidnap our child! I sat upright in bed. Mr. Magoo did too. I raced to the window and could see a car parked on the side street. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! What the hell was the guy doing? He’ll wake Little Magoo!!

I raced downstairs to investigate and turned the lights on, even the outside ones. Then I could see it. The guy had something in his hand in which he was attempting to correct the attachment of his little fishing boat trailer…hence the clanging I heard earlier. Awesome. He continued for a bit and then finally got back in his car and drove off taking his God-forsaken trailer with him. I went back upstairs to bed. “He’s awake.” Great. The little toddler boy had awoken…probably from me going up and down our creaky wooden stairs. Fantastic. Me with no sleep and a toddler not fully rested from the day before, because he sucks at his afternoon nap.

The morning was pretty good. Little Magoo was tired, but went down for his morning nap with no problem…and slept maybe a little over an hour. Then he started getting into things he shouldn’t. Trying to pull cords and throw things. Time outs happened. Lunch not so good – food on the floor and antics. I cringed here and there as Baby Magoo kicked, punched and buried his head into my cervix. The worst pain ever.

Then came Little Magoo’s afternoon nap. Mr. Magoo was home for lunch and help me put him down. I decided to take a nap too. Wrong. Did Little Magoo ever nap? Nope, not at all. Did I get to nap? Nope. I waited and waited to see if he would fall asleep and then came a HUGE BANG on the side of the house. What the heck was that????!!! I looked out the window and saw nothing. Mr. looked too. Maybe a bird or a branch or something. He went to check on Little Magoo. Nap #2: FAIL.

Now I had to contend with an even more cranky toddler the rest of the day. I played with him a bit, read to him…all while Baby Magoo decided to start up his antics again with my cervix. I decided a bath was in order. Into the tub Little Magoo went. He was contained and content and splashed away for a while, then I got him out and got him a snack and it was time to watch his afternoon show of Curious George. He sat and watched the whole thing very nicely.

I gave him an early dinner, because by 4:30pm he was rubbing his eyes. Poor kid. Not to mention I was exhusted (am exhausted) and just needed to be done with the day. He ate dinner and thankfully did not throw anything on the floor.

Up the stairs I carried him to bed. Then came the diaper change. Lord help me. I need help in this department.

It was a fight, him trying to roll of the changing table…me trying to pin him down and distract him. I’d change him standing up, but that is even more of a nightmare. Physically, it kills me to even pick him up now. The only way for me to old him is over my ever growing belly and it hurts. It hurts my belly, it hurts my back, it hurts. But the floor is not an option for changing…he’d be all over, which would be even more exhausting.

I finally get his diaper off and wipe him down. Then he pees on me. Out of all the days for that to happen, it had to be today. Perfect ending, because he has not done that in quite some time. I get him cleaned up again, pin him down to brush his teeth as he cries. Put him in his crib so I can rinse his tooth brush, go to pick him up again and he doesn’t want to come to me, starts throwing things out of his crib. So I have to stop and pick things up, wrangle him at the same time and pick him up again. Painful, my back and belly are killing me by this point…and yes, my cervix is still being tormented.

Story time didn’t happen. I tried, but he didn’t know what he wanted and was clearly overtired. So overtired he decided to throw his whole entire body into my belly. I thought I was either going to throw up or pass out from the pain. Into bed he went by 5:15pm and surprisingly went to sleep right away.

Then I had to pick up the disaster of a home that he left behind. Bending down, picking up, getting up. That is when I broke down.

How in God’s name am I going to get through the rest of this pregnancy with a toddler? The lifting, the bending, the backache, the abdominal pains…all day in and day out with no help at all and no break at all with a toddler who has crappy naps. I don’t know what to do. Then my mind shifted to – how the hell am I going to deal with a breastfeeding newborn and a toddler? Can I do it? I don’t know if I can. Can I? Oh God…I’m terrified.

All the dirty dishes in my sink right now, piled high, can screw.


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After the epic success of making some homemade playdoh, I decided to give it a go with Little Magoo. It was quite an interesting experience.

Which color would you like buddy? He picked out yellow.

First he poked…then he ewwed…I squished it in my hand and he was still totally grossed out.

He at least liked looking at the colors. I had to do fall colors for the first day of Autumn.

I gave him a masher so that he could squish it from “afar” – he enjoyed that.

REALLY enjoyed it.

He also decided to taste it and actually ate it, as salty as it is…didn’t even “ewww” about it, but certainly didn’t go back for seconds.

I put all the colors out for him and he pointed at each one, wanting me to name the color for him. I think each time I let him play with it, he’ll get the hang of it more and more. At least he was willing to pick up each ball of dough and put it in the container for me when it came time to pick up!

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Epic WIN!

Thanks to a friend on a message board, for giving me a new playdoh recipe, I decided to try my hand at the homemade playdoh again. This time, it would be cooked…let’s start:

First, get a saucepan – I used a 2 quart one – dump in 2 cups of flour.

2 cups of water…

…2 tablespoons of oil…

…1/3 cup of salt…

…and 1/4 cup cream of tartar. Don’t worry, I didn’t throw the whole container in there. I knew you were worried about that.

Put the saucepan on the stove over medium heat.

Start stirring!!

Getting there…

Ta-da!!!! Yaaaaay! Success!!!!

Now to give it some color. You can use food coloring like I chose to do, or you can use Kool-Aid or all natural ingredients to add color, such as ground mustard or cocoa powder. Like I said, I chose to use food coloring. I also chose to use disposable latex gloves, as I did not want to be the mom with weird colored hands and then have to pass it off as being a super cool tattoo.

You could make the whole batch one color if you wish, but I wanted to do many different colors, so I scooped out a small amount – about 1/2 cup to 1 cup and put it into a bowl.

Add your food coloring – I added about three drops.

Mix by hand… and viola! I then repeated the process for different colors, rinsing my gloves and the bowl after each color. Next, place your dough into containers or a ziploc bag. I just used the smallest Gladware container I had – I think it is the 1 cup size.

Let the dough cool before you seal it up. Out of the fridge it should last about 3 months. In the fridge even longer! WIN!

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Epic FAIL.

The cool weather is here and it may rain over the next couple of days, so I thought it would be a great chance for me to make some all natural play clay. I had just gotten my Family Fun Magazine in the other day and there was a recipe in it that I could not wait to try.

Just look how happy the kids and mom are – it had to be good.

I gathered all the ingredients and got them ready to go: 1 cup flour, 3/8 cup salt, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil.

There we go…that’s easy enough. Now to mix and form the dough!

Hmm. All mixed…no dough. Um, OK…guess I’ll add another tablespoon of vegetable oil…

Alrighty, let’s mix it again…

…and some more…

Getting there slowly…

Still adding more vegetable oil…6 extra tablespoons later, I finally had a formable dough.

Now to add cocoa powder and hot water to color it. In it went to mix…it was a messy job, but I thought I was getting somewhere. The dough started to form nicely and with color. But wait…it was STILL crumbly.

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Never Forget

I can’t help but be annoyed this morning as I logged into my Facebook page and saw status update upon status update about “never forgetting” this day in history.

Where were people last year? Not one of my friend’s on Facebook…OK, well maybe one or two…updated or even mentioned such remembering. I clearly recall my status I updated “…is remembering…” a few friends PM’d me and thanked for writing such an update. It makes me disappointed in others who seem to follow along with the mob, but not REALLY remember.

Maybe it is because I had a very different perspective that day. I was working at the State House in Boston that day. It was total and pure chaos, a complete nightmare and working in the State House alone was frightening enough. How my father and I managed to find each other from one end of Boston to the other (we drove to work together every day, but cell lines were all down that day) and get the hell out of dodge is beyond me…I was so glad and relieved to get on the highway and head away from that city. I don’t think there has been anything more frightening in my life.

So please, if you really are remembering those that lost their lives that day, the day the whole world changed…remember every year, like I do.

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Mr. Destructo

It seems that it is a lose – lose battle with picking up after Little Magoo.

6:30 am

Some days I don’t even bother…other days, I feel the need to prove something to the world.

7:30 am

Picking up the playroom and organizing it brings me a sense of accomplishment.

11:30 am

A sense of my place in this world.

5:00 pm

I know that I am needed and called to a higher belonging.

5:30 pm

Motherhood has really given me inner perspective…

…in that I really wish I had a cleaning lady.

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I am so terribly sorry for always posting these entries full of dread lately…I promised myself that I would try to keep this blog positive…after all who likes a Debbie Downer? With all of this stuff going on with my mother I had not even begun to explain how well Little Magoo has been doing!

He is such a joy – often a pain in my neck as he knows how to fully push my buttons, but none-the-less a joy 🙂 He now knows how to kick, spin in a circle, dance, shake his head “yes” and “no” and can use a fork and spoon! Such accomplishments! I really enjoys using his utensils and will actually push my had away if I try to feed him with a fork or spoon while in his high chair…such a smart cookie. It is funny, as a parent you feel as though your child will never reach certain milestones and you agonize over “when will he/she do this?” – it is so amazing though, because almost every child gets there and does what they need to do – eventually, in their own time, when they are ready.

Yesterday I hosted another playdate for Little Magoo and his friends. It is funny – he brings things out in me that I never would have done on my own, like host a playdate. I’ve never really been a “people person” per sey…and have always been real anxious about having people over or hosting events, because I wonder: “Will everyone have a good time?” “Will they think my home is a pit?” “What if my house has one of those funky smells?”

Silly things like that run through my head…but the more I have people over and the more I see the kids play together and the adults all have a good time, the more relaxed I feel about it all – it makes me feel good…and it is good to be surrounded by other moms, who I know are not judging me or my home, but are just here to have a good time and watch the kids have a good time to. I like to see others happy and relaxed in my home…and it doesn’t bother me if the kids trash the place and throw toys all over – that is half the joy of being a child! I love seeing Little Magoo socialize with the other kids – and he is just so good with the little babies, trying to kiss them and wanting to see them…and waving at them – adorable.

It really reassures me that Little Magoo is going to be such a great big brother. Speaking of which, I have not updated on Baby Magoo in a while. The little one is doing great – my anti-E levels have actually gone down, from 1:8 to 1:4 – amazing! Aaaaaand, we found out what Baby Magoo is – a little boy!!! My gut was right the whole time. We couldn’t be happier, he is such a blessing. At the ultrasound everything looked just great and I loved seeing his gorgeous little heart beat away. He has been busy kicking and punching me for a couple of weeks now – he is so much stronger than I remember Little Magoo being, but maybe I just notice it more now. I can’t wait to meet him…

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