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I recently learned that one of my Great-Aunts has passed. Aunt “Dot” (Dorothy was her name), was a wonderful woman – very loving, very giving of herself and her time, and was always known to have a smile on her face. She lived to be 93 – a great, long life. My grandmother would have been 92 tomorrow if she was still with us as well…

It seems now, that I am reaching that age where the oldest generation is moving forward to head back to their creator…as I see my parents now stepping up to the plate of being the older generation – it is a bit unnerving. I can imagine it must be for them too.

When my Great-Grandmother was alive, it was wonderful – great-aunts, uncles, second and third cousins would all gather…it was wonderful and I have some wonderful memories of all the families gathering together, being together, sharing life together, stories, company…such a wonderful thing that I miss so much. Now, the only time I see my second cousins and their children is at funerals…a telling of the times of our families…of generations…of aging.

Aunt Dot will be missed – she was a great light in this world.


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I just had my photography class today…and is my head spinning! First of all I realized I REALLY need to learn the mechanics of my camera…and I have to admit I am a little intimidated by it. The professional photographer who taught the class shot out words like “ISO” and “change your shutter speed”…um, OK, how the hell do I do that??? Man, I felt out of the loop, but thank God other people there did as well…I certainly need to read my manual more!

None the less, I took part in the assignments she gave us. Making us go outside and shoot in RAW, which I had never before done in my life. Change the aperture settings, which too, I had really never played with. Some pictures came out great, some not so much…but practice is everything.

Here is one photo.

And another.

Aaaaaaand another.

We had to go out in the photographer’s yard and take photos using contrasts in light…after that she brought on the teens to model for us. I have to tell you…I’ve found I am not a fan of taking photos of people in terms of them looking to me to be posed etc. I feel weird and awkward and would much rather have them act naturally or take photos or someone in motion or something that will not move at all, like the above objects.

I gave it a shot anyways…and while most of my photos of the girls came out ‘eh…this one I thought was great:

Not half bad, if I say so myself. Now on to pour through my manual this week, so I can actually understand  the machine a bit better…that is after my head stops spinning.

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Today I had my appointment with the Maternal – Fetal specialist, regarding my Anti – E antibody. Dr. J explained everything beautifully and really put my mind at ease. I’ll break it down for you all out there, or at least those who are interested.

Our red blood cells all contain antigens in them the antigens are: D (either negative or positive that determine your Rh factor – positive or negative blood type), C, c, E, and e. These antigens are determined by your genetics – a chromosome from your mother and one from your father. Only two of the antigens, D and C can be treated with medication in terms of it affecting a pregnancy, the rest are only monitored if there is an incompatible antigen with the mother.

So, here is what happened to me. My genetics look like this two separate chromosomes:

D, _ (either C or c here), e  |  D, _ (either C or c here), e

Mr. Magoo’s looks like this:

D, _ (either C or c here), E | D, _(either C or c here), _ (either E or e here)

Little Magoo’s blood is the same as Mr. Magoo’s, containing the big E antigen. When Little Magoo was born, some of his blood passed through the placenta and mixed with my blood. My little e’s did not like the big E’s invading and quickly formed an antibody to get rid of the big E’s.

Do you follow?

So what does this mean for Baby Magoo #2?

It means that if there is any fetal blood crossing the placenta, my antibodies will rise – this would also indicate that my blood is also crossing the placenta to Baby Magoo and therefore, could cause anemia in the little being growing inside of me. However, there is also the chance that Baby Magoo is not big E positive and his/her genetics contain two little e’s. But, it does mean that the antibodies in my blood will have to be monitored at least once a month and with any possible subsequent pregnancies (IF any!).

The specialist seemed to indicate though, that this was THE problem to have with antigens, if you were to so have a problem, because the risk is so minimal…certainly positive news in my book!

However, if my antibodies were to rise from a 1:8 ratio, where they are now to a 1:16 ratio, the baby would immediately have to be more closely monitored and there could be terrible problems at that point…but the odds of it happening are pretty slim.

Perhaps E and e can co-exist peacefully.

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I had a little hiatus over the past week – well at least from my blog. Mr. Magoo started his MFA program and had to go for residency at the college for nine days, which left me a Little Magoo alone for nine days. In my pregnancy state, I welled up with tears as he drove away. Me, pregnant, alone with a hefty toddler for nine days…oh boy, was it going to be interesting. The first day was the hardest – after that it wasn’t so bad. Little Magoo and I kept busy on a day to day basis, playing at home, doing some chores (at least the ones I could manage to fit in), meeting up with friends, going for visits, running errands – it was a jam packed week. I missed Mr. Magoo terribly, I won’t lie. I missed his company, conversation, him helping me lift a 25lb toddler up the stairs or in and out of the car, him helping with chores…just being as a family.

Little Magoo was so good though, the whole time Daddy was gone. He was an angel at church on Sunday, an extremely rare thing. Over the past week I was amazed how much he has grown both physically and developmentally. He is such a sweet boy.

I am so happy to have our family unit back together again and having our household back to a somewhat state of normal…

…although I won’t lie, it was wonderful to have the bed to myself at night and be able to snooze until 6:30am-ish every day….just don’t tell Mr. Magoo.

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