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It has been so miserable out. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY we will see the sun tomorrow. Instead it has been muggy and rainy and just, well, yuck.

My sister-in-law came over to repaint our guest room today – it used to be Little Magoo’s room, that she had painted a bright Tiffany-type blue/aqua that I wanted for the nursery. Now it will be a bright yellow. I thought it was a pale yellow when we picked out the paint, but boy was I wrong. It will look good though and for such a tiny room, the color will open it up nicely.

Auntie showed Little Magoo how to use the paint brush on the wall, before the painting actually began – he was fascinated. I knew it was time to break out a recipe that I had seen on a friend’s blog last year, for toddler safe paint. I know they make non-toxic stuff out there that you can just buy at the store, but I still don’t feel safe with my child eating it, which I know he will.

The recipe is very simple:


First, scoop out 1 cup of flour.


Then, add one cup of water.



Stir it all up until it is smooth – and voila! You have your paint base.


Next, break out your food coloring. I had neon, but decided to stick with just with a basic color pallet.


I divided up the base into cups and then added my color – stirring and adding until I got the desired color I wanted.


Gorgeous! Bring on the artist!


Hmmm…not what I expected, he just dumped it out and refused to let me show him how to finger paint.


“Like this, buddy…”, he dug in his heals – yup, he’s certainly my son. Notice the paint on my arm, he got my shirt too. I think I heard him distinctly say, “Mother, I cannot work under these conditions, without proper artist supplies.”


Mr. Magoo went to go get a top secret weapon. Little Magoo was intrigued.


Ahhhh, just what he wanted. Now, begin your master piece!


Shhhhhh. Artist at work.





He then had to go on for about an hour about how this “dot” represented this and that “line” represented that – blah blah blah. Sheesh. Artists.


I think we might be able to get at least half a million for it though.


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But I am…it took me until now to post my photos…but here they are!! 😀

See, all is forgiven.

Here was the sand sculpting competition:


Some of the sculptures were so impressive. Heck, I don’t even know if I’ve ever made a decent sand castle out of one of those plastic pails as a kid! OK they were all impressive…I wish I had that artistic talent. The details were amazing.

After looking at the artists at work, we headed down to the water so that Little Magoo could get his first glimpse and touch of the Atlantic Ocean.


God, it was gorgeous. I love the beach, especially when hardly anyone is there…it is so peaceful.


The waves we a sight to see as the tide came in. Little Magoo was taken a-back a bit by the loud thunderous sounds they made as they came crashing down. I love that sound…drowns out all distractions in your mind so that you really can just be in the moment.



…and yes, we are Red Sox fans if you didn’t notice.


After a little while Little Magoo decided to give the sand and water a little test. The sand he liked…the water…mmmm…not so much. Let’s just say it touched hit little foot and he went running as best as he can run. Poor little fella.

Such a good day.

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Rain, Rain Go AWAY!

You’ve probably all been wondering – why hasn’t she posted any photos lately?

The answer is pretty simple – the rain. It has been raining not stop it seems, for two weeks…I feel like I should just live in Seattle! At any rate, more or less, I despise taking indoor photos. Well, I mean I DO take indoor photos, but I really do not like using my flash – natural light works better for me…and well, with the rain, I haven’t been able to get outside to take any photos!

We did, however, manage to get Little Magoo to the beach for the very first time and saw the sand sculpting competition. I will try my very best to post pictures of that later on, because I did manage to get some nice natural light photos.

On a side note, I have been not feeling quite so hot lately in the abdominal area. Yesterday afternoon while the sun was still peeking through we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I suddenly got a terrible bout of abdominal pain…not cramps…but terrible terrible gas pain. It seriously hurt worse than contractions, I think. I made Mr. Magoo stop and I had to sit down on a neighbor’s lawn…I was breathing heavy, sweating, and writhing in agony. My, was it a sight to see.

We sat there for a moment as I could feel the beads of sweat forming on my forehead and my face feeling so flush, that I was certain it must have looked like I just jogged a mile or about to give birth. I sat and sat, wishing away the pain as Little Magoo let out his squeals of laughter and then well…how should I put this…embarrassing as it is to say…um, the pain was “relieved”. Mr. Magoo commented on how all romance was now gone from our relationship and my face turned even more red as I prayed no neighbors were around – we quickly high tailed it out of there.

God, I just love the miracle of life sometimes – what it doesn’t do to a woman’s body. *sigh*

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Where the Heart Is

First of all I just love that movie…Where the Heart Is, is probably one of my favorite movies.

Anyways, that aside, I had my first appointment with my OB today and we were fortunate enough to hear the little heartbeat of Baby Magoo. I held my breath as the doctor search and search for it and could feel tears forming in my eyes as she looked – then there it was – Best. Sound. Ever. It was such a relief to know this new little miracle was in there.

As we were listening the OB said: “Well, there is one…” Since I had joked with her that I was afraid of having twins, since they run in Mr. Magoo’s family as well as my own. I gasped and held my breath – then she smirked…and of course I then started laughing…oh you funny doctor you! 🙂

Mr. Magoo said that Little Magoo stopped and listened when he heard the heartbeat…very sweet.

It is nice to know Baby Magoo is in there thriving and it melts my heart just knowing he/she is really there.

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Middle English retret, from Anglo-French retrait, from past participle of retraire to withdraw, from Latin retrahere, from re- + trahere to draw
14th century
1 a (1): an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable (2): the process of receding from a position or state attained <the retreat of a glacier> b (1): the usually forced withdrawal of troops from an enemy or from an advanced position (2): a signal for retreating c (1): a signal given by bugle at the beginning of a military flag-lowering ceremony (2): a military flag-lowering ceremony
2: a place of privacy or safety : refuge
3: a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director.

This is where I have been. A phone call to a friend today brought me out a bit – she verbally kicked me in the rear, for not writing in a while.

Sorry folks.

The past couple of weeks have seemingly been a bit stressful – for silly reasons too. For those who didn’t know, I started and used to moderate two private chat forums. Anyone who has been on a forum knows that drama that can ensue – usually people get over it and everyone moves on with their lives. At a point a couple of weeks ago I decided to leave the forums completely and hand over the moderation to someone else. I was done with the drama that came off of one board and followed me into my life on a social networking site. I was just done with the nit-picking…the controlling of others, some who were bullying and crossing well over the lines via private messages and emails.

It felt refreshing to be free of the chat forums. I really honestly missed connecting with the women I knew on a daily basis, but that passed within a couple of days and then I did not miss it so much. Funny since I had been a part of chat forums since before I was married years ago. Things were going well with my abandonment of the internet life, really well…too well….

Suddenly I started getting emails from this one and that one and “she said this” and “can you do something about that”. Ugh. I thought I was done with the drama. One of the boards was failing. I abruptly deleted the board. Silence again right? Freedom again right? Ahhhh…

Wrong. The drama continued.

“Some notice would have been nice”

“How will I keep in touch with some ladies?”

“I wish you had given me a heads up…”

I got an email from someone who felt I owed them the respect to tell them I was shutting down the board. I ignored the email – I wanted done with the drama. Today another email came and I have been thinking about it.

It takes me a while to think about responses.

It takes me a while to retreat into my mind and find the right words not chalk full of emotion to respond so that it is plain and crisp and clear.

It seems that others jump too quickly though – too quickly when people do not do what they want them to, when they cannot control them.

Sometimes it is good to retreat, to take a deep breath and think about something not so passionately wrought with emotion – to get a better perspective.

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